Improved Efficiency and Less Shop Downtime.

Microbulk gas delivery system keeps work flowing.

Time spent changing cylinders results in less time spent getting work done. CIMC ENRIC's Microbulk gas delivery system is an on-site, cost-effective solution that provides your shop with an uninterrupted gas supply keeping the gas and the work flowing. Wireless telemetry lets you focus more on your business by monitoring supply levels and automatically generating orders for on-time deliveries. This helps to reduce product outages, as well as time spent managing inventory and placing orders.

Features and Benefits

New product design and features providing complete solutions for your MicroBulk needs.

Stock inventory of standard sizes for immediate shipping

Expanded Size Offering (240 – 7500 Liters) & Broad Range of Working Pressures up to 500 psig

Quality Materials: Durable Stainless Steel, Super-Insulated, Digital Gauges

Automatic Fill Shut-off: Functions Seamlessly with Variable Delivery Truck Models

Reliable: Built to Last – 3 Year Vacuum Warranty

Telemetry Ready: Plug Into Your Network or Build New to Suit.

Profile of a fully engineered alternative gas supply system

Linde is the largest industrial gas supplier in North America. We've used our size and experience to design a reliable gas supply system to meet your specific needs. Each complete system is a combination of the following high-quality equipment:

Pumper Trucks

Designed exclusively for cryogenic gas service

Multiple trucks for maximum geographic coverage

Multiple points of distribution for maximum efficiency

Filling box

Exterior wall mounted

Locked, tamper resistant

Production interruption eliminated

Allows round-the-clock filling

Storage Tanks

Choose from a variety of tank sizes

High fill rate capacity

Longer shelf life than standard fluid containers

Rugged 304 stainless steel construction throughout



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